“Revolutionary Patented Luggage Device”

Patent number 9,033,125

Train Reaction offers unique luggage accessories that make carrying your travel bags and luggage much easier. Say goodbye to trying to roll two suitcases through the lobby with a laptop bag on one shoulder and a carry-on bag cutting off your circulation on the other. The patent pending Train Reaction luggage stabilizing device will help you alleviate the pain of traveling with multiple rolling suitcases. This travel luggage accessory allows you to carry more travel luggage & bags with less effort than ever before. Simply slide the accessory onto your rolling travel luggage and bags to secure your items together for easy transport from home to car to airport. You can't find luggage travel accessories like this anywhere else! You've heard about our luggage accessories on Howard Stern, you've seen us in the sky mall magazine you thumbed through while on the plane; it's time to get your own Train Reaction Device for the next time you travel. Make traveling with luggage easier on yourself; you can thank us later.